Our Program

At Miriam's Hope we are seeking to re-orient families on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  Here is what we offer our families:

Miriam's Hope focuses all of our services on 4 pillars:



Sharing Burdens

Teaching Love of Self, then Love of Others

Miriam’s Hope is a 12-18 month transitional living rehabilitation program that seeks to keep children out of the foster care system.  Nebraska places children in foster care at twice the rate as the rest of the United States.  Children in foster care have PTSD at two times the rate of veterans.  Our program takes families that are at a high risk of losing their children to foster care and rehabilitates them on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Scriptures. 

We at Miriam’s Hope realize that the family structure is important for children to live victorious lives in Christ Jesus.  80% of our prison population has spent some time in foster care.  Clearly the home life is a strong indicator of long term success in life. 

We have two apartments in which we house our families.  We take all of our program offerings and develop a plan that meets the needs of each specific family.  By working with community programs our offerings include:

  • Drug and alcohol counseling

  • Marriage classes

  • Parenting classes

  • Life Skills classes

  • Nutrition classes

  • Finance classes

  • GED classes

  • College guidance

  • Tutoring for children in Miriam’s Hope

  • Relationship counseling

  • Emotional Health counseling

  • and a host of others


We also set our clients up with two mentor families from the local community.  These families provide support to our families by meeting with them weekly to model for them what a healthy family looks like.  Every day at Miriam’s Hope starts with prayer and bible study.  When our clients have progressed enough along our program they participate in outreach programs in the community. 

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