Our story of God's hand in our life

Miriam’s Hope started as just a vision in the hearts of Luke and Corina Kliewer.  Working in foster care for 8 years and witnessing the trauma inflicted upon the youth and the biological parents they were adamant that something needed to be done.  Luke and Corina began praying over a property located near their home.  The building was an old classroom building for a church that was left vacant for most of the year.  For years they walked through the parking lot and prayed that God would use the property for His glory.  Telling no one for many years they let the vision of God form in their hearts.

Four years after the initial vision they signed a lease to occupy the property for a term of 5 years with no monthly rent payment!  Fundraising began immediately in January as soon as the lease was signed.  Work started in August and by January of the following year (2017) they welcomed their first family.  Corina is a Registered Dental Hygienist at Pediatric Dental Specialists clinic in Hastings and Luke is a motivational speaker, you can see his website here: www.ragetoroyalty.com.  They also direct the local Royal Family Kids Camp and have adopted two children out of foster care.  They have a total of four children and live in Hastings.

(402) 705-8971

1818 W. B Street Hastings NE United States 68901

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