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Go deeper as a congregation—experience the transformation that happens when you answer the call to surround the vulnerable with the all-encompassing love of Christ.


Miriam’s Hope partners with churches, ministries, and Christian organizations to provide a comprehensive ecosystem of accountability, discipleship, compassion, and love for our families in need. During the year-long program and after completion, you help us to supply:

Food + Clothing


Jesus specifically calls us to feed and clothe the vulnerable. Many of our families need their core, physiological needs met before we can begin to see transformation. Your monthly donations of food and clothing enable us to provide them with nourishment and dignity in the midst of hardship.

Childcare Respite


Parents from all walks of life know that parenthood requires grace, strength, and at times, outside help. Church volunteers who are willing to be a part of a monthly relief rotation give us the ability to hold social and recreational events that give parents and children a time of rest and fun.

Financial Support


Your generous giving helps us to provide a place where children can not only be kept out of the foster system, but go on to thrive in loving, stable, and godly homes. This is what it’s all about.

A Prayer Team


We need your prayers. Our families need your prayers. There’s incredible power at work when church volunteers familiarize themselves with the needs of Miriam’s Hope and our participating families and commit to intentionally interceding on our behalf.

A Church Home


When families graduate from the program, our help doesn’t end. We endeavor to set them up for success by connecting them with a church to call home—a place where they can continue to be discipled and developed in the love of Christ.

Mentorship + Education


Whether it’s through business mentorship or child tutoring, we work together with churches to help our families to identify and grow the innate strengths and skills that will support them in their career and educational goals.

Become a Ministry Partner

Work together with us to bring families in need to the love and dignity of Christ. Whether you’re interested in a full-service partnership or you’re only able to participate in some areas of service, we can’t wait to love these families together.

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